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Reiki is an alternative healing technique, that brings balance to your Mind, Body & Soul. 

Reiki energy works to heal and rebalance our own energy systems. From our organs and ailments, to our Mental Health.

So, why choose Reiki?

Well here are a few of the many reasons Reiki should become part of your life........

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  • Reduces Menopausal & Peri-menopausal symptoms

  • Supports our Immune System & promotes recovery

  • Reduces Stress & Provides a deep sense of Relaxation

  • Relieves Physical Pain & compliments Medical Treatment

  • Clears your Mind & Improves Focus and overall wellbeing

  • Reduces Anxiety & returns your bodies natural balance

  • Safe for Adults, Children and Animals.


Its time to awaken and align your body and mind, with this relaxing Reiki healing experience.


We will focus on the areas of your body, mind and soul that need relief and healing. Clearing out the negative blockages and leaving you feeling clear and cleansed.

Take a moment just for you, to really connect with yourself, shutting out the world for a small moment in time. Releasing the negativity that restricts you from progression within your physical, mental and spiritual self.

All I ask is you wear your comfiest clothes, lie back on the coach wrapped in a warm blanket, relax and embrace the power that is Reiki healing energy.

We will do a brief introduction/discussion on areas you would like healing,

position specifically chosen crystals,

then we will perform a short guided meditation that will bring you into a relaxed state.

I will then initiate a full body healing.

At the end we will have a conclusive discussion and create a healing plan.  

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